Our Beliefs

· We believe we are created in the image of God – People, congregations and ministries that affirm the sacred worth of everyone and care for God’s creation, model the Creator.


· We believe God loves everyone and through Christ saves/revives/renews the world – At the heart of the gospel of salvation is God's incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth. Scripture witnesses to the redeeming love of God in Jesus' life and teachings, his atoning death, his resurrection, his sovereign presence in history, his triumph over the powers of evil and death, and his promised return. Everyone needs a grace-based relationship with God through Christ. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are forgiven, reconciled to God, and transformed as people of the new covenant. People that experience God’s grace and forgiveness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will faithfully express God’s grace-filled, unconditional love for everyone.


· We believe that God through the Holy Spirit changes people – People, congregations and ministries that rely on the Holy Spirit have life-changing experiences that transform them to become more like Christ in how we think, love, feel, and live. “Life in the Spirit" involves diligent use of the means of grace such as praying, fasting, attending upon the sacraments, and inward searching in solitude. It also encompasses the communal life of the church in worship, mission, evangelism, service, and social witness.


· We believe the church is the body of Christ with a mission – People, congregations and ministries that work together and seek unity in the midst of diversity demonstrate a powerful expression of Christ’s presence in a broken world. This faithful community of believers is called the church which the Holy Spirit brought into existence for the healing of the nations. We are initiated and incorporated into this community of faith by Baptism, receiving the promise of the Spirit that re-creates and transforms us to be like Christ. Through the regular celebration of Holy Communion, we participate in the risen presence of Jesus Christ and are thereby nourished for faithful discipleship.


· We believe God has gifted everyone and the church for the purposes of God – People, congregations and ministries that assist people in discerning and utilizing their gifts better fulfill God’s calling.


· We believe the Bible is the word of God – People, congregations and ministries that study the word of God in a faith community applying Wesley’s principles of Scripture, tradition, reason and experience grow deeper in their knowledge and experience of God.


· We believe discipleship is a continuous journey – People, congregations and ministries demonstrate health by continuing to grow deeper in their faith and dependence on God.